Connecting Energy Value Creative Hub


Innovation is commonly defined as a process that starts with an idea and results in a successful product or service. However, this process is not straightforward: many times we are trapped in ideation loops, obtain relevant market feedback throughout the process, and go in circles rather than following a linear process. Open Innovation approaches can be applied in various phases of the innovation process, and to my understanding make a lot of sense in the early ideation stage. We chose to collaborate with jovoto because of two reasons: (1) their enormous network of creative service designers who can provide a much larger idea-pool than we would be able to develop with our internal resources; and (2) because of their professional approach and their experience in managing Open Innovation challenges.

Dr. Martin Stoetzel,  Product & Marketing Manager

coneva stands for CONNECTING ENERGY VALUE. The business model is focused on holistic energy management across sectors, i.e. covering energy production (especially solar / PV), various energy consumption cases (electric devices, light, heating, air conditioning, energy storage and e-mobility), as well as bundling supply and demand via a central energy management platform.

coneva is a start-up in the energy market, founded January 2018, and is a 100% subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG.

coneva builds upon technology developed by SMA (hardware and software), who are international market leaders in offering PV inverters and energy management solutions.In the context of a dynamic energy market with evolving and new business models, coneva wants to become partner to regional energy providers for offering new services in a digitally connected energy world.