A series of webinar-based sessions featuring leading designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. They share their knowledge, insights, and advice on how to succeed as an independent designer in the digital age.

With Nadine Bruder – Strategist, innovator & leader

Want to capture the hearts and minds of all your potential clients? Prepare irresistible pitches with Nadine’s pitch hints you need to know.

With Brad Weaver – Designer, author & founder

Could you be making more money for your designs? Increase your profits with Brad’s quick tips for ensuring you earn what you deserve!

With Lior Frenkel – Designer, entrepreneur & author

Are more clients and more money just a few adjustments away? Use Brad’s quick proposal fixes to skyrocket your proposal success.

With Mike Vardy – Productivity Strategist, teacher & speaker

Do you spend more time trying to be productive than actually getting things done? Say goodbye to procrastination with Mike’s genius time tips.

With Donna Lichaw – Author, speaker and product designer

Can you imagine increasing your sales by simply changing your product story? Discover how narrative can transform your entire customer strategy.