Translate your brand’s challenge into a creative brief

The creative brief is the most important ingredient in a successful crowdstorm. That’s why our expert creative crowd strategists help you identify your challenge and create a compelling task that effectively recruits the top creatives with the best ideas.

What’s in a creative brief? Background information, the task description, how much prize money is up for grabs, and videos and visuals to inspire the jovoto community. Every brief is tailored to address your challenge.


Select the project type that fits best



Receive tangible solutions or inspiration for the future from as many as 80 000 creative professionals. Tell your branded story at internet scale.

Key Benefits
  • Widest range of results
  • Brand engagement
  • Social reach

Public contest


From 6 weeks



Keep your challenge and crowdstorm results secret. You will work with a curated pool of the top 10 percent of creatives on jovoto, giving you a competitive edge and quality assurance.

Key Benefits
  • Wide range of results
  • Hidden from your competition
  • NDA option

Open only to jovoto’s top 10%


From 3 weeks



Crowdstorm with creatives from a specific demographic group, or even include your own employees in the process. Flex crowdstorms are completely customized and secure.

Key Benefits
  • Customized range of results
  • Tailored pool of participants
  • NDA option

By invitation only


From 2 weeks

Go live on the jovoto platform

This is the big moment: your crowdstorm goes live and you can follow along in real time as the social creative process kicks off.

The working environment we’ve created for creatives on the jovoto platform is designed to motivate and engage talent. And when thousands of creatives from around the world and across different disciplines challenge each other, give one another feedback, and collaborate, it leads to better results.


Get great ideas and real results



We’ve learned a thing or two about crowdstorming since 2007. Let us guide you through the process – from creative strategy to community and project management – so that all you have to do is enjoy the great results!


Crowdstorms last between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the scope and nature of your challenge. This means you get anywhere from dozens to thousands of outside-of-the-box ideas, in a fraction of the time that conventional methods require.





Honesty, integrity, and building trust are the key to successful open innovation. We believe in fair rewards for exceptional work and strive for transparency. Thinking win-win-win is part of our DNA. If it weren’t for happy creatives, we wouldn’t have so many happy clients!

Areas we work in:



Need more information?

jovoto’s interdisciplinary nature means we can solve almost any creative challenge. We host creative challenges that help our clients innovate and push their cultural boundaries. Our core competencies are in product, packaging, marketing and communication design, service design, fashion and textile, and architecture, across industries and at any point in the value chain.

This all depends on the complexity of your challenge, the number of creatives who participate, and a range of other factors from communication packages to prototyping. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can learn how we can help you and give you an estimate based on that.

In Public and Private projects, the ideas are owned by the creatives until you choose to license them. Generally, you commit to licensing a minimum of 1 idea before the project starts and are free to license more based on a predetermined cost once the project ends. In some Flex projects, creatives join on a pay-per-idea model, which means you automatically own the rights to all the ideas submitted.  jovoto handles the legal transfer of rights for you and the creatives, so you don’t have to get into the legal parts.

In our 9 years of experience (and together with top legal advisors) we have gained solid insights into how to make crowdsourcing legally- sound for both our clients and our creatives. Most of our projects run on a sophisticated yet simple and fast set-up: terms of use serve as the foundation, project terms are aligned with our project types, and automated license agreements safely transfer the rights of the ideas to the clients. Our legal set-up is so great, it’s even been recognized by

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