“jovoto helps us leverage their global creative crowd to inspire us with future products and concept designs – very pragmatic and fast, while keeping the process private and confidential.”

Jens Bode, International Foresight & Innovation Management, Henkel

Non-Food Consumer Goods Solutions

From communication design to new product innovation – join more than 100 brands who work with us to make problem-solving easy.

Product Design

Product Design

Quality results
  • Product Innovation
  • Accessory Design
  • Limited Editions
  • and more!
More choice

> 80 designs

Fast execution

4-6 weeks


Packaging Design

Quality results
  • Packaging Innovation
  • On-Packaging Design
  • Limited Editions
  • and more!
More choice

> 30 concepts

Fast execution

2-6 weeks


Branding Communication

Communication & Branding

Quality results
  • Campaigns
  • New Branding Concepts
  • Video Content
  • and more!
More choice

> 90 concepts

Fast execution

4-6 weeks


Our Social Creative Process

We help brands accelerate innovation, access new trends, and solve their challenges with creative, interdisciplinary problem-solving.

8 years of experience working with consumer goods brands


Crowdstorming a new packaging design for Somat’s new, eco-conscious phosphate-free product line.

“jovoto has established itself as a competent and agile partner, which is why we were more than confident we could challenge their creative community with different types of projects, and the result speaks for itself.”

Birgit Rechberger-Krammer, Corporate Vice President Global Marketing Home at Henkel

Villeroy & Boch

Strengthened engagement & brand identity through an imaginative product line of tableware for kids.

“We never imagined that our call for product design ideas would result in a whole product world – including a film series – that allows customers to immerse themselves in the Villeroy & Boch Kiddy Collection.”

Ernst-Albrecht Klahn, Director Corporate Marketing at Villeroy & Boch

Forum Zukunft

Finding innovative ways for the publishing industry to present digital content in an analog arena.

“From the abundance of 132 submitted ideas, the jury chose a concept that combines traditional book shopping and digital technology in a simple and visually appealing way.”

Matthias Wagner, Director at Frankfurt Museum of Applied Arts

Other clients include:






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