“jovoto helps us to not only connect with their trend-savvy international community, but also to the creativity of Ricola’s own fanbase.

Andreas Michaelis, CMO, Ricola

Solutions for Food & Beverages

From on-packaging design to new product innovation – join more than 100 F&B brands who already work with our global pool of 80k creatives to make problem-solving easy.

Product Design

Product Design

Quality results
  • Product Innovation
  • On-Product Design
  • Service Design
  • and more!
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> 80 designs

Fast execution

4-6 weeks


Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Quality results
  • Packaging Innovation
  • On-packaging Design
  • Limited Editions
  • and more!
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> 30 concepts

Fast execution

2-6 weeks


Branding Communication

Communication & Branding

Quality results
  • Campaigns
  • New Branding Concepts
  • Video Content
  • and more!
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> 90 concepts

Fast execution

4-6 weeks


Our Social Creative Process

We help brands accelerate innovation through a social creative process called crowdstorming. Crowdstorming allows you to leverage the power of the internet to collaborate with 80 000 creative professionals from 153 countries in a public or private setting – all on one platform.

8 years of experience working with food & beverages brands

Starbucks Betacup


Rising to the challenge to dig deep into coffee consumption habits and find ways to reduce paper cup waste.

Jim Hanna

“We considered betacup highly, highly successful in terms of the amount of ideas, the interaction, and the level of awareness we raised around the use of single cups.”

Jim Hanna, Director of Environmental Impact, Starbucks

Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka Gorbatschow

Activate existing fans and garnering brand new ones by crowdstorming the coolest limited edition bottle on the market.


“Not only will the Limited Edition bottle become a coveted collector’s item, the crowdstorm itself both activated our existing fans and garnered us new ones.

Christian Schulz, Senior Brand Manager, Wodka Gorbatschow

Büble Bier

Allgäuer Brauhaus

Crowdstorming a campaign to expand the market for Büble Bier while also still appealing to loyal regional consumers.


The campaign “plays on the dry humor of the Urallgäuer. Surprising. Cheeky.”

Wanda_Tag on her winning idea, “Mir San Bier”

Other clients include:







Inspiration for the Future of Food & Beverages

In addition to solutions, jovoto provides inspiration with the Future of Food & Beverages Think Tank. The exciting crowdstorm series connects innovators, experts, and jovoto’s global crowd. Discover how you can tap into the world’s biggest food & beverages think tank.

Don’t lose the innovation race. Co-create solutions for your challenges & find inspiration for the future.

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