Combining shelter and economic development, moladi is set to challenge the tradition bound construction industry in order to allow for the participation of contractors and entrepreneurs to empower and develop communities on a global basis. Due to the


In 1986, with the intended purpose of "housing the nations", moladi embarked on an endeavour to develop a system to construct durable structures of quality in the shortest possible time. This system has developed into a construction technology that addresses seven key challenges embodied in the low cost and affordable housing shortages facing developing countries namely: -

  • lack of resources

  • insufficient funds

  • skills shortage

  • quality

  • time constraint

  • work flow control

  • waste

Combining a re usable, patented, recyclable lightweight plastic injection moulded formwork system, branded as moladi we create a mould the size of the designed house or structure and cast all the services, electrical and plumbing, in situ using an approved lightweight aerated mortar.  Creating a cast in-situ reinforced monolithic walling system. Eliminating chasing, beam filling, plastering and waste. The result, a fast track cost effective, construction technology, that is earthquake proof, approved by banks and financial institutions - "Train the unemployed to build for the homeless".