B home
The B Home is a modular shelter system featuring hexagonal stacked cells. This is a shift away from the “inside the box” thinking toward a new approach to providing adequate shelter on a smaller footprint, while enabling community through architecture.



Safe, dry, and warm spaces are created utilizing design principles developed over hundreds of millions of years. Civilization needs to literally un-think the stick and box construction and living structures of the "modern" age.

All aspects of this housing system are intended to utilize some of the more "radical" and innovative approaches to waste management, water capture and filtration, energy production, heating and cooling, and lighting. B Home is intended to be entirely off the grid and independent of "standard" infrastructure support systems; ie, humanuring fecal matter, grey water system, roof-and-gutter rainwater capture, and natural filtration.

The hexagonal arrangement reminiscent of the honeycomb and wasp�s nest provides maximum strength and space with minimal footprint . The interweaving helical construction maximizes strength and allows for a modular assembly and stackable construction. Community involvement and participation is cultivated due to the physical arrangement of living pods; this encourages and strengthens social bonding and responsible cooperation.

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