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Native american wigwams built of bamboo and canvas or other waterproof native cloth but with kelvar woven into the cloth to provide security from beging cut open

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 WIGWAMS are a wonderfully efficient home - given a damp-proofed permanent floor (say bamboo) around a central firepit , attached compost bathroom, running water (solar heated), solar energy lighting and an efficient cooking fuel - completely earthquake proof and if properly lashed down - hurricane resistant as well.             They can be dismantled in a matter of minutes and moved with relative ease; they are cheap - constructed of bamboo and cotton (canvas) - two plants that sully grow locally -  laid out and built in a day. Weaving Kevlar in with the canvas would give security from knife break-ins - a simple wind cone at the peak would keep rain out but let smoke exit - a 16 ft (5 meter) diameter wigwam proves the same living space as a  30ft sailing yacht - the heigh allows stuff to be hung in the tall space - they can be expanded int an oval or two placed together with connecting opening, they can be erected by a couple of 9 year olds - if floods are predicted, they can be instantly folded with the stuff inside and dragged to higher ground - splashing water on the outside creates cooling by evaporation - they could be insulated by layers of cardboard and a second outside skin - and they look great!   


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