The SuperAdobe Project
Using the SuberAdobe to quickly build strong and economic houses, with cost below $ 300.


The SuperAdobe project is a low-cost project, that can be self-built by collective effort of the community and is improvable. It is Low Tech as it doesn't need any advanced machine or engineered materials, and being low-tech it empowers the members of the community enabling anyone to learn the techniques and start building. It uses local materials, such as earth and some recycled materials as tires for windows and PET bottles full of water, for natural lighting. This way we can build greener using no cement, or low volumes of cement (in some cases for the first layers building the foundation) and no steel (just the barbed wire). It can be replicated on any place because it keeps to a minimum the use and transportation of industrialized materials as doors, roof and the recycled stuff generating a very small footprint.

The person can choose one of the many models presented, and the house itself is sustainable as it uses earth, wood, a little steel and reusable polypropylene tubes. It can be built through collective effort and is highly viable including many success cases over the world, it is low environmental impact solution.

It is very sturdy, providing safety for the dwellers. It can provide excellent thermal comfort.The house have space for a stove a bed and some private space for bathing.

With a little more budget we can implement a solar/pedal powered electrical system that can provide enough power to have light at night and to listen to the radio and a rainwater collection system plugged to a cistern with pedal powered pumps.

  • Superadobe Tube:
  • Barbed Wire:
  • Door:
  • Window (Manhole):
  • Corrugated Roof Panel:

  • To speed up the process of putting the soil inside the pipes, for the construction of large groups of houses, it´s possible use this equipment:
  • Wind generator, for electricity: Wind turbine Gallon Drum (video): and
  • Cheap Solar Heater, for the hot water (video): (From Brazil:
  • Washing Machine (Maya Pedal) (video):
  • Refrigerator that needs no electricity:
  • Stove (Chulha philips):
  • Illumination with PET (From Brazil) (video):

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