Konfò is a CNC flat-pack shelter


Konfò is a CNC flat-pack shelter. For the displaced people of a disaster, this means it can be manufactured, transported and assembled faster than a conventional shelter. In Haitian Creole Konfò means comfort, and that was the key attribute to designing this temporary home. Each dwelling is sixteen feet long by eight feet wide and weighs less than 500lbs. Most of the design form language comes from trying to maximize the 15 sheets of 4'x8' material. The plywood has been treated with a simple non-toxic milk stain that protects the wood and lowers temperature. It is robust and secure with a locking door. It contains a foot pump shower but no toilet, a small cooking station with hot-plate burner and small cooled kitchen storage. Also inside comes with built in folding beds and table. The unit is convertible with adjustable configuration in size for changing temperature needs, this allows freedom to use the space for multiple purposes. Lastly and most important, the Konfò shelter is designed to be notched together so that a even a mother and child could assemble it in one day...

currently the roof is made from a high tech reflective material and flexible solar to reduce heat, collect/ channel water and create self sustaining power, however, this solution is fairly expensive and could be easily replaced with a thick waterproof canvas material that would be light weight and still functional.  

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