A new and innovative structural building system using no wood, concrete, steel or mechanical fasteners.



A lightweight composite panel building system. A new and unconventional building system that eliminates traditional building stick, masonry, bolt and screw methods creating new and innovative fabrication and assembly techniques, methods, processes and procedures. A new breed of technical craftsman will be created with this building system to deliver consistent quality of service over the projected life of the system.

The building design follows three major habitation concerns for safety, comfort and longevity. First and foremost the housing systems primary design function is in separating and elevating the living space from the ground providing a safer, cleaner and drier environment for the occupants through the duration of the buildings life-cycle. By elevating the building the occupants are protected from vermin, insects and inclement seasonal flooding as the floor surface is raised 16� above grade. Second, the building system can breathe fresh air allowing ample ventilation to freely flow through entire unit with generous daylight awning windows and securable hinged door all provided with insect screening for occupant safety and comfort. Finally it�s lightweight system eliminates the need for a foundation so the building is merely pinned to the ground with hand driven anchors designed to keep the structure held to ground in hurricane force winds.

Insulated with an �R� value of 6-6.5 per inch. Research has shown that polyurethane rigid foam insulation performs 90% of its resistance to heat flow transfer in the first 2�. The inaduro panel system uses this width of 2� for the optimum value of insulation resistance to its core to separated the structural stressed skins in the monolithic laminar rib shear panel assembly.

Waterproof and mold proof.

Insect, Fire and Impact Resistant.

A new building technology that uses no wood, steel, concrete or mechanical fastener.

The submitted design concept of a 5.94m2 (64sf), 2.43m x 2.43m (8� x 8�) can be fabricated in quantity (500,000 plus) for less than the $300.00 ceiling cost established for this challenge.

The inaduro panel building system was specifically developed as a low skill fabrication using simple tools such as a straight edge, sharp knife, paint brushes and rollers to assemble the panel system. There are no VOC�s used in the assembly and final coatings so it is very user friendly to fabricators as well as the environment. All materials are organic in nature and may be recycled when the structure reaches the end of its life cycle. The same composite system is used to fabricate the windows and door frames and door panels. All glazing is low cost insulating poly-carbonate.

There are no fasteners used the final assembly with all joining systems installed with user applied advanced adhesives.



Determination to seek out and reach beyond conventional methods and process with bold conviction and precise execution to create and establish new standards in both form and function.


Goals and Objectives:

Design, Develop, Build and Teach

Design, engineer and build; pioneering new methods, materials and processes as acceptable and standard within the building industry.  First, designing and developing composite systems that adapt and provide solutions to historical weaknesses in architectural design and building structure to environmental forces.  Then demonstrate these engineered systems to withstand environmental forces by placing structures on the ground where they will be put to the test and proven acceptable.  As new industry trades develop in response to our market share we must guide these new trades assuring our methods, materials and process help them to achieve success in economic strength and sustainable growth.



Seek the unseen, empower weakness, respect strength and humbly move forward.