The Jovoto Special


An affordable home built from CNC milled recycled diamonds shaped into modular bricks and stuffed into bags, then coated with an ecofriendly magic adobe mortar.  Interior rooms are hexagonal stacked beehive cells.  There is a kevlar thread every 4 inches for security.  This can all be done for $300 because diamonds aren't as expensive in the third world, and their labour is cheaper than dirt.  Similar homes have already been built in India.

"I never thought I could afford a home of my own until the $300 House Challenge came along.  I mostly spend time outside the house because the hexagons make me dizzy.  I have a hexagonal cellulose bed inside which gave me hives, so I had this concrete slab installed out here because that's what I'm used to sleeping on.  My health is not all that great due to cirrhosis of the liver, but Jovoto has a $300 Liver Transplant Challenge in the works.  According to them, you don't need any training or experience to understand architecture or medicine.  You just need to download a pirated copy of Photoshop and call yourself a designer."  Rochelle Quincy Adams III Esq.

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