Urban Mining
Standardized and colorful, cleverly styled modern buildings made ??of recycled materials. Properly organized. If one looks at a slum, you can see many small huts, which consist of waste and that built there, where space was available. A slum is mad


The Solution - Urban Mining

If one looks at a slum, you can see many small huts, which consist of waste and that built there, where space was available.

If you want to eliminate a slum one must first know this.

- One must be an order to the slum to give a structure both horizontally and vertically (a slum has grown wild and usually only 1 or 2 floors)
- We must use the given resources in the slum
- You must compile these raw materials and intelligent but according to the latest findings, eg consists solely of a slum building debris, stones, wood, waste paper, plastic, corrugated sheet

1) to process waste paper, waste wood and resin to Honeycombplatten and cover with plastic. A material that is as strong as concrete. Here is the structure of the secret.
More information can be found under the term Honeycombplate
2) construction debris, rocks and old concrete will be poured back into new concrete slabs and roads.
This method has proved successful, the company Hastag www.hastag.ch
More information can be found under "Hastag" aroma "
3) Plastic is also collected, re-melted and used for example for coating the above-mentioned Honeycombplatten.
4) And of course the metal is remelted and formed into the necessary supports.

My suggestion:
1) From the rubble, stones are foundations for the houses and streets.
2) For waste paper, waste wood and plastic are supporting Panelle for walls and floors / roofs.
3) For scrap metal beams and the rails of the house will give additional support.
4) have formed this way that we have these resources better we can not just 1 Storey building, but 2, maybe 3 floors, consequently, we gain ground for small parks.

We see the raw material is available, this must only be shaped differently.

A house may look like this:
Floor slab of concrete poured, which was previously rubble - cost: not raw material costs
Metal rails and metal supports provide a skeleton of the house - cost: not raw material costs
Honeycombplatten be inserted between the carriers - cost: not raw material costs
And an additional floor which also consists of Honeycombplatten is set on it

We see we have hardly any costs for raw materials. We use only the existing resources and new together intelligently with knowledge.

The materials are collected or if the new house is built, the house producer of building these houses, where for a fee.

The house manufacturer recycles, and organizes the resources to easily and provides the new homeowner a modular system of the house. Total area of ??approximately 16 sqm living space - houses are connected, it will be created communities - see my other idea submitted.
The home builders can build it yourself - about 3 people are needed for it.

The cost of the house can be as easily under $ 300.

The only thing costs money is the forming process.

We give the slum a new form - Modulbauhäuser that are expandable. It is clean, easily replaceable.

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