Steel mesh framework
Steel mesh framework


1. Definition of the customer problems?

Having an affordable stable house.
2. How does the design address the customer pain points?

With providing him a basic stable structure that can allow him to finish the construction in many different ways according with his possibilities.
3. What elements of the design are innovative?

It´s  a logic design not an innovative one, just simple frames with a sloped top and using regular materials that have proved their good work and durability in buildings. The flexibility of the possible enclosures, and the possibility of improving the quality of the house as the customer have access to better materials in one of the key points of the design.
4. What are the approximate costs of the house?

The design is thought to build a small community that allows reducing the final prices by constructing rows of houses which share walls and foundations.

A row of 15 houses (45 m of facade) will mean 500$ per module (using retailer�s Spanish prices), more modules added will mean a reduction on that price but with the limit of laying out logic distances according with the dominant winds and the walking distances.

The idea behind it´s to build with the 300 $ the main structure and the foundations under a technical supervision, locally or providing accurate instructions to the local people and provide them a flexible and stable structure that can be enclosure with different materials depending on the availability of them.

Basic 3 x 3 modules can be added to build a bigger construction.

The building it´s raised from the ground and the openings can be laid out depending of the humidity of the place as well as the layers needed for the enclousure.


In countries where steel mesh it´s not available the construction of them can be made with individual steel bars (available in most of the countries) that will required a more detailed study of the joints.


 I wanna thanks teigan for providing me the detail of the pier

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