The idea is to use straw bales as a basis for the home. To visualise this idea I made a collage of existing straw bale houses. My own designs will follow later. (if anybody feels like I violated their copyright on the pictures, please do not hesitate to..


contact me.

UPDATE: the first pictures are uploaded

straw is a by-product of agriculture and therefore available throughout the world. The straw is of course fully bio-degradable and therefore very sustainable. It offers numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, the use of natural non-toxic materials, and resistance to earthquakes, fire and pests.

Straw bale houses utilize inexpensive locally available materials such as straw, clay soil, sand, gravel, wood, and bamboo, as well as local labor and the use of a sandbag foundation covered with soil cement.

Isn't a straw bale home at greater risk for fire?

No. Canadian and U.S. materials laboratories have found that: �The straw bale/mortar structure wall has proven to be exceptionally resistant to fire.�

the insulation makes straw a good material for places where it is colder OR where there is a big temperature difference between day and night. (one could then ventilate at night and close everything during the day.)


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