'HOPE houses' (UPDATED)
An easy to assemble house is made up of mostly recycled elements and which uses natural convection to keep cool or warm. The way in which it can be made affordable is also discussed.



  1. The concept house is 12*12 foot structure.
  2. The walls are  composite panels which are made of recycled plastic ( which is abundant in Indian streets and market places), bamboo, and local adhesives. These wall panels are easy to assemble and also dis-assemble in case the structure is to be moved as they are light and at the same time have good insulating properties.
  3. The wall panel are slide inside columns which are made of either wood ( in places which are not prone to cyclones) and recylced metal ( in coastal areas prone to high speed winds )
  4. The columns are hammered partially inside the ground for support to the whole structure, these columns would act as support pillars and also hold the wall panels.
  5. Two of the four walls are "Trombe walls" which keep the inside of the house cool in summers and warm in winters through natural convection ( Google Trombe walls)
  6. The house has three large windows where we can again use recyled plastic. I'm trying to get rid of all the plastic bags that i see chocking the drains almost everywhere in India.
  7. The roof of the house is a bit slanted to prevent accumulation of water and is made of similar material as that of the wall panels.
  8. There is a solar panel on top of the structure to power the "Information system" and the solar lamps.
  9. It has one room with an attached toilet. I  do not support the idea of a community toilet because from my personal experience i feel that there is a lack of feeling of responsibility in the people and therefore, the maintenance and up keep of a community toilet can be a big problem.
The little area around the house can be used to grow vegetables like spinach and tomato etc. It will be watered by the waste water from inside the house. ( I actually have such a space in my house and i love the tomatoes that i grow in it)

I know for a fact that many people (who have relatively more money) in India buy plots of lands and keep it idle hoping for their value to increase and then sell it off. We can persuade these people to construct these temporary houses on their land with very low initial investment and rent them off to the poor. 
Now suppose a person has 100 sq yard (900 sq ft) of plot and he agrees to construct 6 houses on this land and rent them to 6 families. He would charge a monthly rent from these people which would be very nominal. suppose after one year he wishes to sell this plot, now he would need to sell off the houses in the plot too. The poor people can then buy these houses from him at a lesser amount then what they would have had to pay for a brand new house. They can dis-assemble the house and can move it to a new place.

Of course there are loop holes in this scheme but i'm 100% sure that we can work on them too.

I have ideas for the internal furniture and other stuff too but that is for afterwards.

Hope you all like this idea.

-surender singh

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