Woven Wire Shell
Woven wirecloth shell


Shape is deformed from a square. the deformation creates a stretched, formed stable shape that can be stacked in multiple units, and formed in a two-part mold from a single sheet of flat wirecloth.

Can be made in different sizes and the wire diameter adjusted accordingly.

Can be cut into for openings. Can be finished with concrete, mud, or plaster or canvas.

I call this a sensory shape because it appeals to all our senses. No reason mass-produced homes should not be curvilinear, especially if the fabrication and materials are conducive to being formed in this way.

We often suffer from our preconceptions that houses must be shaped like what we already know to be the shape, despite a long history of natural organic shapes prior to our present age.  This idea brings organic together with industrial fabrication.

A continuos rod would be welded to the raw perimeter edges.

Many different shapes can be made using this concept of deforming a square mesh. More to come with additional details of openings.

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