ecobure earthmound dome


The 15ft. x 10ft. earth mound "ecobure" is a strong shaped structure that can be easily repaired and maintained.  Rebuild thatched roof if hurricane winds blow on a seasonal basis.  Mortar/Clay/Earth mix can contain natural insulating materials that would also assist in the prevention of cracks.

This structure will provide safe cheap housing for extreme weather conditions including earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, and tsunamis due to the shape and materials. The approximate floor space would be 175sq. feet.

1. pile dirt, sand, or gravel into a 15ft. x 10ft. mound and insert door frame and window frame into pile

2. mix and apply a 1/2"-1" layer of mortar/Clay/Earth mix by hand or with trowel except for inside door (straw,cotton,wool,hemp,nylon or PVA fibres possibly included in mix)

3. once surface is hard apply strips of chicken/stucco/mesh wire around mound and door and window frame (if local prices permit add a small amount of pencil bar or 3/8" rebar in a star formation held at the base with a circular piece around circumference)

4. apply another 1/2"-1" layer of mortar/Clay/Earth mix by hand or with trowel except for inside door ( keep the outside cool with water for 3 days for slow curing )
(straw,cotton,wool,hemp,nylon or PVA fibres possibly included in mix)

5. once hard shovel out mound and broom off extra materials from walls

6. smooth and level floor area and pour 1"-2" Concrete/Clay/Earth floor and apply 1/2"-1" natural insulated mortar mix finish on inside of walls (straw,cotton,wool,hemp,nylon or PVA fibres possibly included in mix)

7. build wooden door and window shutter and attach hinges

8. after 1 month apply Cement/Clay/Earth slurry to seal the outside and attach optional thatched roof for keeping the "ecobure" cooler or use cheap waterproofing method such as roof treatment, tar or paint.


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