Retro "Quonset Hut" Concept
A retro "Quonset Hut" concept with both flat and corrugated panels made from trash.


The house would be built from panels made from recycled paper and plastic.  The panels would be both curved and straight.  The parabolic curve panels would create the walls and roof.  The straight panels would be used for the end walls.  Flat (non corrugated) panels would be combined with the corrugated panels to create floor decking.  The flat panels could also be curved and used as additional rain/sun shields. 

Blocks for  sub-flooring would be made out of concrete or recycled plastic depending on the cost/availability of the raw materials.

The basic house would be sold as a kit.  The kit would included two sets of curved walls, two sets of end walls, a cured flat panel roof cover, sub-flooring blocks, finished flooring, fasteners, hinges, and a fastening/cutting tool.    (It would be up to the new homeowner to create door and window openings.)  All the materials would be available individually for additional construction.  The owner could add on as the family grew or as their budget allowed.  

Much larger spaces could be created using the panels if supported by an internal structure.  Moderate structures could be supported by framing made from the same recycled material formed into channel and/or box tubes. 

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