Mobile plant for 300 dollar house
Creating houses, build with ICF (insulated concrete forms) which will produce on site with a mobile plant.


The plan i have includes the following in brief.

To create a shelter or house for the poor, millennium goals, I have roughly  devised the following plan.

The houses should be about 25m2 and constructed of simple, durable materials available locally. The technique for building must be also available locally. The construction costs should be very low.

For this I already created a mobile plant which can produce on site  the walls, floors and roofs . This facility consists  8 lots of containers which can be transported by boat, truck and aircraft and even helicopters . This factory produces walls and floors of EPS this is simple and with little energy to produce. There is no waste in production and consists mainly of steam, which is used for the final shape of the EPS.

The EPS walls and floors are put together by a kind of Lego system, and then filled up with concrete. This creates a house, earthquake test, very energy efficient and warm in winter and cool in summer. This combined with a simple solar charger for phone and with other matters and LED lighting, already on the market, the build is durable and inexpensive.

Because the process is very easy, the locals can immediately start building the system which ultimately contributes to the economy. Indented on the economy.

The plant can also be used for other EPS materials such as packaging (for example fish industry, electronic parts etc.), molds, ornaments etc. So we can create also jobs for the locals by producing other products.

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