nu earth*house
fiber clay material combination and process


hi friends! :) so i havent actually heard of anyone using this tecnique and material combination yet so ..fiber of any dry, non stretch material and clay mixed into a nice clay mush u can make things outa and then cook them to make them stiff and durable.
 . the entire structure of the house can be produced on site using a hand made fiber/clay mix, formed in molds ( built on site as well ).

 pre existing objects may also be incorporated into the structure. 
an oil, gloss or waterproofing agent of some kind may be added onto the surface ( as a coating ) to the pieces before or after curing.

an acrylic gloss, resin or rubber can also be mixed with fibers to create a variety of creations to add to ur...  nu earth*house
the fiber and clay will be collected and processed with heat in water on site by the members of the community , the production instruments will be constructed on site with local materials.

 every part of the main structure will be saturated incrementaly with the clay and fiber mix.
 the clay will be dug out of the ground on site by the community. 

 the main support structures and almost every furnishing is created this way and then coated graciously with a mix of clay and fibers, ( what ever is abundantly available within or around the site location ) . pieces for the house will be fired with heat either in an on site hand made oven or cured with heat from within the structure! :)

   i am building structural concepts, i will contribute in design .. but since ive been suggesting the material choice i'll submit it as an idea too! :) ..

has windmill on roof . generates electricity and heats water with friction. circulates through out house. also has candle inserts for extra heating and cooking wax and fiber. the water is collected from around the house and stored in the floor under the garden boxes and in stacked compartments. the design templates r very very versatile so i think we can make any form from these.

also all the forms r sewn together and then coated with clay fiber. there is a self cleaning free running toilet built in and the house continuously processes ur sewage and the plants help. gravel and soil r also under the floor as a filter the water is drawn through and evaporated out of the sewage and the plants grow from the sewage deposits  methane may also be collected and run to the candle areas. .. i didn't have enough time to finish putting the models together after working to design them all