little big box
with proper guidance, recycled materials and common use can be a formal proposal and also ecological and sustainable


my idea:

I had the opportunity to be close to the neediest communities, to build their homes most of them use the same elements again and again (Latin America) Al / Zn sheets, (Pvc in updates) volcanic rocks, and recycled materials such as cardboard, canvas, vinyl or PET containers. with proper guidance these materials may be part of a formal proposal and also ecological and sustainable.

Material typical of tropical countries, such as bamboo "guadgua"have the same or better strength than steel, can be used as an ideal structure in almost all parts of the world, plus a lot of these people work in two sectors: construction and waste recycling, we can use this:
1. reduces the cost of labor and materials employing locals to build their own homes, adding a professional design.
2. using recycled materials as structure or termic isolation

these people may have up to 10 children or more, so the module is ideal growth.

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