A housing unit to make entrepreneurs of slum dwellers.


The designed house uses locally buyable materials like cement, sand, chicken mesh and used plastic bags. The plastic bags are tied at ends and wowen into a fabric and encased in the chicken mesh to give the concrete walls / flooring stability and also reduce weight. 

The pre fabricated components can be made onsite at any location / city and this can be replicated anywhere in the world. The moulds for the pre fabricated cement panels are Roto Moulded Components. This could enable low cost rapid deployment anywhere. 

Seeing the situation of the slums of Mumbai, I had to add in the dish. Everyone has a TV here. 

Internal furniture can also be moulded / pre fabricated. 

Design Considerations
Material Availability
DIY ability
Reduced requirement of skill (Moulds in Plastic)
Modular Design
Ease of Assembly / Disassembly (bolted panels)
5 Year + life
Ease of Plumbing
Insulated Panels, Roof and Floor
Cross Ventilation
Night Ventilation (Cool air in from below the bed and exhaust over the sink area.
Day Light at table end
Panel / Door can be used for advertising (New revenue source)

Feel free to comment if you think i've missed something here.

UPDATED : Larger space possibilities
Possible Arrangements : Single Pods, Wall Sharing, Wall and roof sharing, Single floor, two floor, multi floor, round array, hex (6 around with a community loo) 

Replicate the Indian Chawl system.