Morpho Housing
modifiable, mobile, easy to assemble dwelling.


Two forms of dwellings are presented.

1. The Round dwelling(3 floors with two apartments on each)
2. Rectangular  Housing with 4 apartments, on 2 floors.

A single dwelling is also possible, with no apartments build in top or in the side. It is more convenient to build high building, considering the lack of space we will have in the future. It's important to save space. If we take bombay for example, there are about 600,000 people living in the shanti towns of Bombay. If every one of them would have their own little house on their own land, spaced apart  from the other dwellings, the city of Bombay would become the biggest city in areal size on earth. 
The materials are all made out of recycled material, produced by the people who will use the material to build their own houses. 

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