Original concept from Japanese company "international dome house co, ltd." but simplified, greener, and simpler. with "flexible" space planning.


It seems that domes are the shapes that are most stable and can endure earthquakes.  I wanted to use recycled plastic bottles to make a rigid substrate for both interior and exterior, while adding wire mesh and a product called Errth Flex, which uses recycled tires.  I thought of using bamboo, but if this design is to be used in colder climates, the bamboo's integrity decreases, since it is grown in hotter climates (correct me if I'm wrong).  I wanted to incorporate multiple useage of the rooms while maintaining a small space.  It's kinda bad, but, whenever I clean my hamster's cage, I always try to rearrange his house, his water bottle, his food bowl, his wheel, etc.  I do this so that he doesn't get bored.  The moving walls came to me when I was looking at the clock, trying to rush ideas in my head, I thought, "i'm running out of time! (i looked at the clock)...wait! that's it!"  I hope you guys aren't too harsh on the judgement.

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