The POD+ is designed as a helping pod after a disaster, but i thought it maybe also can bring ideas for this contest. So this is the POD+. Enjoy!


This Pod+ is created after the earthquake on haïti. Everyone has seen the images of people living close to eachother in very bad circumstances. I wanted to design a helping pod that can provide safety and clean appliances. One of the biggest problem is the possibility of diseases. The POD+ provides a safe and clean place for the people that are victim of a natural disaster.

The images give a explanation of how the POD+ works, but i will give a short additional description. The POD+ can be easily setup and it is very small for transportation. The idea is to stack them and transport them by air or see. When they arrive at the location they can be put together. On the third image a description of how to setup de POD+ is visualised.

The POD+ exist out of 6 beds and the ability to include two optional appliance options. There are three appliance options to include in a POD+. One is a small kitchen with a ceramic cooking plate, the second is a sink with a mirror for washing, the third is a locker. I thought of a fourth, but haven't designed it yet. The fourt would be a toilet or a shower.

On the last image you can see the installations that are included in the POD+ with self-obtaining electricity and the ability to connect a hose for clean water distribution to the POD+'s appliances (explained in the second image).

I hope you like it and please provide me with comment. Maybe i can improve the design it is for now. I have some ideas for material use, but at this moment I am finishing my graduation thesis so I haven't got all the time of the world.

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