Simple House of Clay for comfortable living


For a house 3x3x2,4 you need proximaly ca.250m industrial made Hosepipe weaved of Cotton or Cocosfiber.
You take Pieces with 2m Length close one end and fill a mix of Cocosfibers and wet Clay inside and build the Wall 
with this "Bricks" without Cement or other Adhesives yust one after the other. You let space for the Windows 
( the system is very flexible, so you can use any found or cheap bought Window and Door with Frame ). 
Let the Holes with size of the Frames empty. It is easy to make variable Length and Walls to make different Rooms. 
The Clay is easy to cut and model as long as it is wet.´
The electrical Wire and Water Hose can be added between the Clayhoses. 
Its possible to render the Walls inside and outside, to colour it and so on.
The Roof has a decline of 10 Degrees 
The Roof is made with a frame of 300mm U-Profile and trapezoidal Sheet Metal and isolated with Cocosfiber. 
The Frame has the Function of a bond beam, sits on the Top of tha last Line of Clay Pipes and is fixed with four Steel Cables on the Ground.
The window has a grill. The House can grow with the Family.
The House is perfect air-conditioned by it´s Material is stabil but flexible enough for Earthquake Regions and heavy enough to stand a Storm. 
Make the first round of claybags. You can use the Roof as a Template. Put it on the floor and mark around the frame. Subtract 100mm on the longer side. In this direction, the house will have a decline from 10 Degrees what makes the side of the Roof longer. >If you want, you can mark a second line 300mm inside. If you stay with you bags inside the lines, you are exact. After the first Round, put the Doorframe vertical on Top of the bags where you want it to be and fix it with to pieces of wood for example for not to fall. Start on one side of the Frame and go around line by line.
Try to displace the joint gap like this.
When you reach the height of 900mm, put the Window Frame in it´s Position and so on. Don´t forget to measure and correct the Vertical axis of your Walls with a Waterscale or Perpendicular.The last 2 Lines define the the angle of 10 Degrees. Put the Roof on the Top. If the Bags fit inside the Profile, then you have the right angle. Tense the Roof with the Steelropes and Anchors on the Ground. If yor Underground is Concret, use screwanchor to fit the hugs inside the 4 edges, if the Underground is Sand, You concrete the 4 Anchors in Blocks. When it is hard, You tight the Ropes with a tensioner. When the clay gets dry, the volume shrink almost 10 %. That meens there will be holes between. They are to fill with clay. It is easy to form the Clay as long it is leather-hard and you can make it flat or structuriced outside and inside.

And finally, I am sorry about my English and hope you understand the Princip.