Small home for 4
This small home sleep a small family of 4 full grown people it is roomy enough to survive and safe..


10-14 at 1/2 inch sanded one side $13.45 costing - $134.5-$188.3
35-40 at 2X4's come in different lengths and grades as well as pine or pressure treated. You can pay as little as $3. for an 8 footer up to $10 or $12 for a 16 foot Pressure treated. costing 105-480 so realy depends on the products and where suplies come from roof I was going to make out of banana leaves but I couldn't find any for my program or a water filter... so i improvized... this small home sleeps 4 people comfortablty and dry it is a 12 by 16 foot room too cook in eat in sleep in but no using the washroom in here ;) I have placed the 2X4's on the outside of my drawing to calculate the cost and to estimate how much product to use ... in a 50X50 foot square 9 of these could be built if squished together and made side by side and in front of door way leaving 6 feat for each would still all be inside a 600square foot radious that 9x4 people 36 people woulf have a home for about (239-668)times 9 = 2151-6015 big price range but reallt not that much hope you like my design