Small house for four happy families!
Optimum variant of the simple and cheap house


Small house for four happy families!

In one small house can live at once four families.

Is necessary:

?ne standard project;

One general house;

One point for connection of water, heating, electricity and so on.

In result we receive houses for four families everyone with a separate input, bathroom and lawn in yard.

The house consists of the simple and cheap materials, all elements are made at one factory.

As a material use blocks of wood as constructive elements, a covering from plywood on the roof is soft roof. Bathrooms not the obligatory element is necessary for demonstration of a uniform point of connection of communications. The main idea that all elements of house are made at one factory at one factory as the big constructor can supplement each other, replace, then they are delivered to a place where quickly and easily collect like constructor in the big house at once for four families!
Already houses can collected too one after another as a result created the general walls that does the price of building even more cheaply.