Versatile Home
The intent is not just to create a shelter , but to provide a home with efficient thermal performance , expandable design , versatile spaces.


The design presented here operates at several levels
On the materials availability level , it is constructed using timber and plywood and corrugated metal sheets , all can be obtained easily with minimum transportation and manufacturing costs from natural / recycled resources  , white paint is applied to corrugated sheets to maximize reflectivity , Epoxy paint is applied to plywood to maximize water resistance and thermal performance , additionally rockwool or polystyrene could be used if material availability / cost enables that

On the structural system level , a system is proposed in which wind and seismic loads are taken into consideration with additional bracing that supports the originally elastic wooden structure and walls

On the thermal comfort level , Shading devices is added that is movable per demand , additionally the "Roof pond" system is applied , This system can control heat exchange between interior and exterior environments between night and day. When heating is a concern the tank is uncovered during the day allowing sunlight to warm the water bladder and store heat for evening use. When cooling is a concern the covered bladder draws heat from the building's interior during the day and is uncovered at night to radiate heat to the cooler atmosphere.

On the space usage level , space is so compact which calls for smart ways to maximize usage of space on different scenarios , family gathering scenario , night sleep scenario , cooking scenario , ...... , all can be obtained using a folded plywood panels that can be easily set up to suit occupants needs.

The design could easily be expanded replicated for family expansion , multiple adjacent families with minimum effort / expertise

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