This is EarthDome , a model built on Bamboo and earth plaster.


Bamboo used for framing and wall slats where plaster would be applied. Main frame of dome would be steamed so that it could achieve its shape.  Earth plaster can be balanced by creating a ratio of roughly 80% sand and 20% clay and silts. Testing your soil is a must. Finding a large area that you are willing to dig up and use it for plaster. One option is to use the soil removed from any excavation for the house or structure.  If testing shows weakness by either too much or too little clay, make adjustments with bag sand or bag clay.
You will want to stabilize the plaster as well. The most common stabilizers are cement, lime, and asphalt emulsion. Each should be added to your test mix until you have enough to resist a hose spraying on a dry test patch. The hose should not erode the plaster at all. Once you meet this grade, you are ready to plaster. You can add chopped straw to the mix as well to give it more tensile strength. This does not effect the ratios of the materials, but it will require that you add more water to the plaster. This model is within $ 300 budget unlike some of other Villa style houses. Thanks for reading and vote high !

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