DwellEco300 - Takes little, gives plenty
A $300 dwelling. Material choice brings flexibility and the potential to deliver houses in kit form for future mass production and fast deployment. Fighting poverty within deprived communities through the application of purposeful design.


Full document can be found here > DwellEco300 - A $300 House

The approach of the DwellEco300 design has been to deliver an effective shelter for $300 that is accommodating to its inhabitants, simple to construct and fast to deploy. This allows for large numbers of people to be rehoused in a relativity short period of time delivering immediate benefit to communities and the wider environment. 

  • Cheap
  • Fast and simple construction
  • Effective shelter
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Poverty resistant
For more information please follow the link above to view the 47 page document detailing what DwellEco300 has to offer.