Lattice House
For every Lattice House sold, one will be given to a person or family in need.


The Lattice House is comprised of a lightweight, low cost, easy to assemble kit of parts.  The flexibility of the system allows for regional and cultural adaptation while providing an entry point into home ownership for people living in developing nations.

Designed around a kit of parts that is readily available (both in developed and undeveloped nations), the Lattice House aims to create a system of building that over time can be added onto, personalized and take full advantage of local building resources.   Additionally, due to its weight, it can be transported to places with minimal vehicular access.  The house utilizes a simple barrel vault for both structural efficiency and to maximize space while reducing required materials.

Safety was of key concern during the design of the structure and was a primary reason for selecting a light weight wood lath system.  Unlike masonry and earth formed structures, if the wood lath frame failed, it would likely cause little harm to the occupants and could be repaired with ease.

While altruistic in nature, Lattice House will be based on a for profit business model where a similar structure will be sold to consumers in the developed world to use as backyard shelters.  For every Lattice House sold, a Lattice House will be donated to a person or family in need.