This concept involves not millions but billions of plastic bottles produced every year that are NOT RECYCLED ! The use of bottles in housing construction is both economical and ecological.


Anyone can contribute their bottles to build these houses for poor and at the same time help clean up our environment.

First a foundation is poured over aggregate to serve as a floor. The construction is built from layers of bottles filled with mud inside. Mortar is applied on top of each row to fill gaps as the wall is built upward.  All bottles are tied at their necks with either a nylon string or thin wire to hold them together during drying process. Rebars are installed in areas where needed. The sloping roof frame is built from durable local timber and covered with wood shingles. The building is finished with a coat of paint. In this case it would be Green.

As an example, my household alone drinks around 30 bottles of water on a weekly basis. Therefore after 1 month we could have enough bottles to contribute toward a window or door frame for one of these homes. Not all bottles can be used in this project but they could be sold to other companies to purchase other building material like cement. Thanks for your minute of reading this idea