Come in, HERE is where we live. Welcome.


Here is permanent, a residence, not temporary shelter.

It is a structural component kit that is purchased then the concrete and cladding are locally sourced. The price point that I am aiming for is $200 for the structural kit that includes tools and $100 for locally sourced material (concrete, cladding and PET bottles).

This main structural component is a poured reinforced concrete pillar which is at the center of the house. Engineered interlocking wood I-beams finish the main support structure. It is a proposal the the center of the pillar could be a chimney for cooking, heating fires. HERE employs the same hanging wall system as most skyscrapers. The hung walls are then bolted to the footing. 

In most third world countries (especially slums) electricity is intermittent at best. A fireplace provides a steady controllable energy source. Even if it is not the most eco-friendly it is the most realistic of fuel sources.

With HERE the interior holds up the exterior and the interior protects the concrete from the elements. It's a symbiosis of sorts. To personify it: I hold you up, you protect me.

Because the system uses off the shelf components the design is easily modified to accommodate different circumstances.

Some potential variants of HERE:
- In flood prone areas a design that permits all sides to be lifted instead of just two to protect the walls. The interior structural permits this.
- A long design, maybe up to 20 feet long could be possible. Think of single pier billboard. Here is a link to what I mean.
Do not consider this presentation a final design. There are many considerations that need to be made: Interior light, roof ventilation and accessorizing of the house (solar panels, etc). 

The kit for here is purchased via a two year micro-loan. It is designed to be erected with minimal skill by 2-3 people. The goal is to have a templated design. A very clearly laid out set of instructions (easier said than done). The floor sheeting may act as a template to dig the footing and to make sure the concrete pier is dead center. 

One more concept to consider: Because the exterior is locally sourced HERE can be made to look inconspicuous. Why is this important? Blending in with the surroundings reduces the chance of being robbed and increases security. If you have a shiny jewel of a house surrounded by junk you stick out like a sore thumb and become a target. Again, this is a matter of choice for the occupant.

If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism I would love to here it. What did I not think of? I'm sure quite a lot, let me know!