Tiny House in a box
Grow a Fully insulated house in a day for $300. Kit includes Collapsable Cardboard Frames or 2 balloons and enough house growing liquid to make a one room home.


Here are two  solutions that I have come up with. The first idea is to ship  collapsed cardboard squares or two giant balloons and 25 gallons of two part polyurethane expanding construction foam to form and set together the walls and roof. The material is strong, easy to work with when it's hard. You can embed native materials (chicken wire, bamboo) for added strength. It comes in different strengths like 4lb per square ft for walls and 16lb (like cement but easy to sculpt) per square ft for floors and roofs). We can set up a website where other people can micro fund tiny houses too. Donors could fund the tiny houses in a box and we send a nice kit and and instructions for $300. We only need USComposites.com on board to get us the material at wholesale.

The second idea is exactly the same as the first except at a much higher cost. We could offer a blow-up house (think bounce house)  to be filled with the foam and you would get a similar a house that you didn't have to put together. I can build and scale the operation. Two balloons would be be used to create the dome structure. This same balloon method could and has been used on concrete. Air formed concrete domes link

We can offer solar or kitchen and bath kits too.

Here is a house made out of structural foam - built over 40 years ago and shows no signs of wear. link Foam house
Here is a car made from structural foam. link foam car
Here is a shipping container using structural foam (a bit more artsy) link container 

I had a construction firm in Texas and 50 rentals at one point, so I want to give back to those less fortunate. I would commit a portion of my life to this amazing idea of the $300 house. 

I would love the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Christopher Aaron Newton