Amphibian House
This amphibian house is built with plywood and structure maintained with angled fit and can survive both on land and water.


This amphibian house has been designed with 2 materials ( plywood and ropes ), the house interior is lighted by a solar bulb and can accommodate a family of 4.

1. Uses only two materials plywood and ropes
2. It is a self supporting structure with angled fit of walls  as each wall supports the other and the walls base is fit into the floor depression perfectly with no gaps and cannot uproot due to strong winds
3. Rooftop and floor protect the house completely from rain and floods
4. Unique floor base helps this house to float in water and protect the family from floods.
5. House is secured from all sides with a door that angle fits and secured by rope from outside and knotted on the inside. Windows for cross  ventilation on two sides 
6. Ample space inside for a family of four that can sleep lengthwise and water storage.. 
7. Clothes can also be dried on the back side and potted plants can be placed on the sides of house. If required creepers can also be planted which can grow with the help of ropes on the sides.
8. Can be anchored by rope to a tree or rock and will rise in flooding water protecting the family 
9. Very easy to assemble
10. Cost effective 

Plywood: 275 $ ( Base will use marine plywood and all other parts of structure will use moisture resistant plywood) 

Plywood details :
Plywood would have be bought in bulk  directly from manufacturer

Solar :  15 $
Nylon Ropes: 10 $

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