Recycled Paper House
An eco-friendly, energy-conserving, economical, lightweight, fireproof, waterproof, termite proof, aesthetic, quick-to-build pre-fab modular design engineered by unskilled hands using recycled cellulose fibre, suitable for various geographies and habitati


The video attached is a technology demonstrator for a recycled cellulose fibre house (200-250 sq.ft.) that has weathered several Indian Monsoons. This iteration is covered with a weather/fire/water/insect-proofed stucco. The design is well ventilated, thermally efficient, built on a floating foundation (so was the Taj Mahal), and includes doors and window-shutters.

Being a modular design, it can be transported as whole units, flat-packed panels or even made on-site, cutting down the per-cubic-foot transportation or storage costs. This low-cost structure is engineered using (predominantly) recycled paper and organic glues, with no electricity or powered machinery, and assembled and installed by an unskilled workforce. The engineered panels are strong, long lasting and the perfect substitute for cement, wood, steel, plastic, top-soil(!) and thermocole and are characterized by an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio, due to the unique hexagonal arrangement of the recycled paper and air-pockets within the structure.

Though low-cost, the functionality of the dwelling unit is overwhelming. It truly will operate as a living unit. The model in the video includes seperate rooms for sleeping, living, cooking and includes an attached bathing area and WC, visible next to the sit-out/verandah. The sloping roof incorporates rainwater-harvesting and solar panels into the design.

The unit is quick to build and excluding the foundation, a unit of 3m x 3m dimension may be installed within a couple of hours. Eco-friendly furniture either as standalones or inbuilt are optional.

Assuming a 200 sq.ft unit MAY cost $1000 (remember, this is geo-economies of scale linked), at a compounded rate of nominal interest, a potential free-hold landowner could put up the structure for under $10 a month!

Using financial prudence and intuit, this could well be THE structure that solves the low-cost housing quandary via a radical rethink on our current un-sustainable consumption patterns. As mentioned in the video, using your recycled paper!

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