Dome House of 15-feet diameter 10-feet height, made of special concrete named as brancrete panels


  • Geodesic dome is proposed for this 300$ house contest.
  • This proposal is exclusively for rural housing, where land is not very costly, as it allows one storey house only.
  • The dome is assembled at the site, with series of triangular panels pre-cast of special concrete named as brancrete.
  • Brancrete is innovative mix of cement with rice bran mortar, reinforced with special fabric and wire mesh.
  • As this innovative brancrete is made of cement, it is highly durable and relatively light-weight.
  • Hence this dome house is as durable as a concrete house. It is also fire proof. 
  • As it is of aerodynamic dome shape, it is cyclone resistant.
  • As it is light-weight and a three dimensional shape, it is earthquake resistant.
  • A green creeper plant on the surface of dome makes it not only green, but also thermally comfortable.
  • Cost wise, in Indian conditions, the basic structure works-out to about 300$.
  • A family of three to five people, can live in this dome house, very safely and with minimum comfort level. 
  • For exact know-how about this technology please contact the author and inventor N.UDAY KUMAR at -- 

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