$300 dwelling for the poor
My inspiration is in the smart usage of plastic bottles and How-To make a decent house with all materials that is already used or can be found in nature, to built dwelling for the poor people.


Construction is made of reused wood beams connected together with ropes, nails or wires; 

Insulation, walls, doors  and "windows" are made with plastic bottles;
Flooring is made of reused wood palettes, tiles, glass jars or wood tiles.
Mortar can be applied on the walls, or fill bottles with the adobe but it is up to locals.
Roof is corrugated for the practical reason to store bottles that are in solar disinfection process.

Drinking water is made with procedure called Solar disinfection in plastic bottles on the corrugated steel roof.

Rainwater harvesting  is planned in from the roof to the cistern, plastic buried in ground and in the deep waterproof stone well.

1 dwelling unit (2.6m x 4.8m) accommodate 4 people, made with up to aprox. 144 peaces of euro-palettes:

Asian unit
- 56 peaces for sloped roof unit

South American unit
- 56 peaces for flat roof unit

African unit
- 36 peaces for the flooring
- 72 peaces for the construction
- 36 peaces for the roof

Construction: Used euro-palette cost 1.5-2� per peace (1200x800 mm)

Used Plastic bottles - free
Used Plastic bags - free
Used aluminium cans - free
Used glass bottles - free

built to lasts more than 50 years

Inspiration green

According to Time Magazine, the U.S. produced 28 millions tons of plastic waste in 2005 -- 27 million tons of which ended up in landfills. www.time.com 

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (www.nevadarecycle.gov) gives degradation times in landfill as follows:
Tin can 80-100 years
Aluminium can 200-500 years 
Plastic 6-pack rings 450 years
Plastic jug 1 million years
Styrofoam cup Unknown? Forever? 
Glass bottle Unknown? Forever? 


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