Breathing spaces
A space defined by very clean planning, basic building materials, introduction of ventilating voids and light with a commercial value.


Breathing spaces

CONCEPT - The concept lies in the very basic understanding of structure. The module is defined by 2 preliminary structural walls which form the space within.

This space is further broken into sub spaces to form the habitable areas.

The air blocked in the voids on both the sides of this module is cross ventilated through the ventilating shafts creating a breathing space. Optimum of natural light interferes in through the roof and windows on the structural walls.

The sub dividing walls can be solid bamboo panel walls with insulation within.

A visual barrier could be created with bamboo matts which could also be eliminated when one wants the ventilating shaft to be a part of the space enhancing the feel within.


COMMERCIAL ASPECT - the canvas of the structural wall can be utilised for advertising and billboards and these can be managed by the residents. This also encourages them to stay in these houses as there if an opportunity for employment.


VISUAL ASPECT - For an individual passing by these remain as sculpted walls.

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