Blow up house
While looking for building materials which are available everywhere and which are free of charge, we discovered two wonderful substances:



With the help of both we are able to build housings in a very short time which are stable and offer a shelter from rain and cold weather and which fit the the small budget.

The buildings are totally prefabricated - like tents. They are filled with water and air on the spot. All you need is an air pump and a water pump. The lower inner ring of water forms the foundation of our house. It ensures stableness and prevents our castle in the air to go with the wind. The remainig tubes are filled with air and build the shape of the building. The skin of our house consists of fluoropolymer which is highly tearproof,translucent and weatherproof.


- Easy to carry:  The empty case has a very low weight and can be stowed in a small space.

- Easy to build:  Air,  a 12 V air pump, water and a 12 V water pump are sufficient. In case of need hand pumps will do as well.

- Air is a good insolation

- No user�s guide necessary: The manual is minimized to choosing the right property and keeping the right pressures. 

- Bed inclusive: The bundle contains an inflatable bed which can be handled like an air mattress. It allows a recreative sleep for a start.

- perfect in areas with natural disasters: 1)earthquake-proof 2) The houses dosen't get destroyed by floods = safe life

- easy to clean (leftovers, food, dirt...) can wipe off

Each air hose is divided into partitions with valves, that prevent the air from floating back. In case of leakage the construction will keep its shape and function nevertheless.

There are two inflating openings. The material, flourpolymer is a highly durable, heat-resistant and hardly inflammable plastic that is used for textile roofs.

Windows and doors consist of PE-Film which can be zipped to open and close as it is used on average tents.

There are ventilation openings near door and window to ensure that fresh air can come in.

Cooperation: Baseline + kaptn