A Simple Corrugated Sheet Metal House
My design uses corrugated metal as its primary building material, used for both wall panels and roof panels. All panels are designed to carry the loads of the house directly in the panels, using proprietary connecting angles and channels to transfer the


My $300 house design uses corrugated metal panels as its primary building material.  An issue with designing with corrugated panels is that no way has as yet been identified to create total load transfer between corrugated panels meeting at a corner  The only current solution is to weld the intersecting panels together to achieve a true six degree of freedom  (6 DOF) connection.  Welded panels are not practical for on-site assemble.  I have patents on a new product that will accomplish such a 6 DOF joint without welding.  My new product is a cyclically variable corrugated edge member designed to mate with any chosen corrugated panel.  This new member can be riveted, screwed or bolted to its adjoining panels to create a total load transfer capability.  It will now be possible to field assemble a small house, quickly and economically, from a kit type package of parts and hardware, at any location and with simple tools.  

Today�s metal building concepts rely on a steel framework to support corrugated panels used for walls and roofs.  My new self-joined connector member makes it now possible to accomplish a mostly frameless structure.  Roof loads are transferred directly to wall   panels, which then transfer the load to the sill-plate interface directly to the ground.  The framing needed is mainly at the roof to wall joint, where structure lateral stability requires peripheral edge members and diagonal bracing at that level only.  

I believe that the key to low cost housing is the primary structure itself.  Added livability features such as potable water, sanitation, heat and power can be installed initially or as a later improvement to the basic dwelling.  

Study the accompanying sketches and notes to visualize the details of my design approach.