Cast Concrete Home Using Corrugated Paper Forms
Corrugated paper forms could be developed for casting homes. “Cast in place” concrete is easy, inexpensive, and tough. Provides durable long term housing.


Some Of The Advantages:

�      Corrugated paper forms

�      Relatively cheap

�      Light - can be transported and handled easily.

�      Recyclable� after being used several times can be recycled locally.

�      Using concrete as the building material

�      Cheap � concrete is a relatively low cost material.

�      Available globally, even in remote locations � Cob, fly ash, mud-crete, paper-crete, rammed earth could all work as well..

�      Durability � concrete is durable and has low susceptibility to deterioration from weather and insects, fires, floods, earthquakes, and it is bullet proof.

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