'The $300 House' Challenge

Bring affordable housing to the world’s poor. $25,000 prize pool

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Easy to put up, easy to take down, durable, portable, and affordable. Best part is you can customize its color, shape, and size rather cheaply by yourself!

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I, a 130lb woman, could build this by myself in a day.  Local materials would dictate what would be used for insulation and how it is put together.  
Price breakdown (costs calculated at consumer level):
8-10' steel T posts: $80
100' x 7.5' roll of fencing: $150
3- 2"x10' pvc pipes: $60
Miscellanea, fasteners, and tarp: $40
Total: $330
Roll everything in the fencing and it's easy to transport.

Images done in paint.
Sorry for the chaos I found this contest today and threw it together.  

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