AVIK House - site built dwelling
The AVIK House is a durable and dignified home, built on-site, utilizing minimal components, and costing less than $300 to build.


For less than $300, the AVIK House is a site-built home that combines readily-available earth-working materials, found in almost every location on earth, with manufactured-and-shipped high-performance components to provide a durable, safe, and dignified residence for the poorest of the poor.


Gottfried Semper's The Four Elements of Architecture served as the starting point for the consideration of a low-cost, yet, architecturally sound design that would reflect any local vernacular, and become an organic solution to the housing problems in war-torn and third-world areas.


Semper divides his elements into two categories based on the craft, or skill, required to build them; the stereotomic, or the gathering and stacking of earthworks, and the tectonic, or the assembly of lightweight framing components and weather membrane.


The AVIK house references primitive building techniques, while taking full advantage of modern high-performance manufactured components, and inventive design and engineering.