House of Pallets
House of Pallets. Modular light frame structure.


My goal was to focus on providing housing that would require minimal 3rd party support, be made of locally available materials, built using local labour and simple techniques, and be customizable to suit the specific need sof the user.   Shipping pallets are a basic modular panel that can be found throughout the world. 

I choose to use a 1100 x 1100 pallet, as is common in Asia.  They can be easily modified with insulation, openings, plumbing/electrical, and provide a base for interior finsihes and exterior sidings as needed and desired.

The House of Pallets acts as a customizable platform that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual, family, or community using it.  This promotes ownership and community, while reducing dependency on 3rd party support.

Often it is easier to source smaller quantities of multiple materials, so this design incorporates various materials, and can be modified to suit availability.

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