A hut prepared by using Bamboos, which are easily available in different parts of India. Its dimensions are 10x15 ft.


These huts would be built in clusters of four, with 5ft space sideway space between the clusters. The front road should be about 10 feet wide. This will ensure that huts have enough ventilation and natural light. 

Space comes at a premium, so we have decided on a 10 ft x 15 ft size. It is small, but as we envisage, we can give the residents the following facilities:

1. two sleeping spaces of 6ft x 6ft.
2. open space of about 6 ft x 4 ft.
3. cooking space of 3ft x 4 ft
4. bathroom of 3 ft x 4 ft

We envisage this a community subsidized by government. As basic infrastructure, we would like to provide:
1. community toilets
2. one tap and one electricity connection per home.

Regarding the materials, clusters would allow us to share the central walls which could be made using bricks. This will provide desired strength and privacy to each hut. The outer walls and roof would be made of combination of bamboo. jute, and a waterproof material. 

The floor would be most economical. Plain mud floor with cow dung plaster. It is highly effective, clean, and used in several households.

I know the idea may seem a bit uncooked for someone who is reading it, but we would like an opportunity to share more details and costing regarding this. We definitely feel that we can achieve the desired results with our concept. Plus, it is highly scalable as we have created a functional design, keeping in mind the broader economic impact of such a housing project.