Affordable, Durable and Comfortable Living Encapsulation.
Our goal is to develop a concept study which aims towards affordable, durable and comfortable living space for the poor community. To present a flavor of designing and providing architectural solution for sustainable and energy efficient spatial configura


The project located at Greensboro Alabama is a challenge to Architects all over the world of developing a residence for a poor community within a tight budget situation limited to 300 $ amount.

Taking up the challenge our design team worked out the straight forward objective to be achieved in the project which was to create affordable, durable and comfortable living encapsulation for the inhabitants

We have developed strategy of making use of principles as sustainable and energy efficient spatial configuration which would help in developing psychologically and physically healthy and feasible living conditions for the inhabitants.

Further strategizing the project development the interesting part would be involving the local people of the poor community in the process of development and execution of the project and to make them aware of the local materials and architectural techniques and local climatic conditions.


The Architectural characteristics for the project include:

-          Adequate Living Space including traditional bedding facility

-          Kitchenette + Dining

-          Garden cum relaxing space

-          Bath area

-          Water pond area


Materials used include:

-          ½� Mud Layer

-          3� Sand Layer

-          Bamboo

-          Thatches

-          Binding wire

-          PVC (polyvinyl Chloride)  pipes half cut

-          Steel plates for binding PVC



Architectural Detailing Techniques include:

-          For roofing ½� layer of mud and 3� layer of sand underneath it we have two layers of thatches underneath it will be half cut PVC pipes held together with steel plates.

-          For wall detailing layer of bamboo outside then horizontal layer of thatches and vertical layer of thatches to complete the wall details.

-          Traditional Bed designs with sustainable local materiality and techniques which is cost efficient.


Designing Principles:

-          The designing strategy is to maximum use the natural air flow by creating specific openings in the flow of air which makes air move through the whole space inside the house. Air enters the house passes through the pond and makes the whole environment fresh and healthy by moving around the whole space.


Budget for the project:

   - The whole expenditure on the Project is 300 $ which includes all material costs and execution.


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