Blocks House
The Blocks House can be constructed for approximately $150. Blocks can be assembled with bolts to make a House of any size. Blocks are light weight and tough and inexpensive. Over the time, damaged blocks can be replaced and old ones can be recycled.


Shelter is one of the three basic necessities. More than 1 billion people live in slums (source: UN Habitat) and likely to grow to 2 billion by the year 2030. People from the slums and villages don�t have appropriate shelters.

Blocks House is designed keeping in mind the conditions faced by People from Slums and Villages. Blocks House can be assembled by any one and so slum dwellers or village people having no prior knowledge about assembling houses can assemble it. Since it is Self-built negates the installation cost. Blocks can be assembled with bolts to make a House of any size to accommodate a family. More blocks can be added and blocks house can be expanded if the family grows. Then the whole setup is bolted to the ground to protect damages caused by heavy winds, storms and earthquakes. It will protect the people from weather related conditions such as cold, rains. The structure also offers protection from wild animals. It would provide a healthy clean environment while avoiding insects. All this helps in protection from diseases which spread due to unclean environment and diseases which are spread due to insects.

Blocks are light weight and tough, made of recycled Polyethylene, Polypropylene and are inexpensive and long lasting. Choosing these materials makes them are also termite proof, corrosion resistant, with negligible wear and tear from everyday use. Mixed with fire retardant additives, makes blocks fireproof. The outer surface of the blocks is reflective white so as to deflect all heat. Dry Grass, Card boards and jute bags which are easily and locally available, can be kept on the roof as insulators for too hot or cold areas. Less manufacturing costs are incurred as it involves a process of molding sets of two to three unique blocks which makes it accessible to anyone. Because of the use of existing technology and inexpensive materials available everywhere, a mere $150 price can be achieved.


 Over the time, damaged blocks can be replaced with new ones which makes this design easy to sustain and maintain. Also, being self-improvable help to save with repair costs. Old blocks can be recycled again which reduces the impact on the environment and makes blocks house �Green�. Variable number of blocks can be used to assemble a house of any size using bolts. Sanitation issues can be handled with the use of portable toilets.

Blocks House relies on natural resources like daylight, air and rain water harvesting capability. Blocks House is not permanently attached to the land and; it can be dismantled and ported. Underprivileged people can move to a new location in search of work or if they are dragged out of the land. Blocks House is a versatile product which can be adopted globally. Blocks House promotes the sense of well being for people with no option for reliable housing.

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